Use case:

Mobile processing machines

The term mobile processing machine is coined in EuProGigant by the use of track construction machines for surveying as well as for maintenance and repair and construction of track systems.  

The consortium, however, considers the mobile processing machine beyond this scope. Due to the increasing demand for flexibility and adaptability in production, looking forward, the mobile processing machine will not only be found outside company buildings, but also inside manufacturing facilities. 


The first implementations are, for example, driverless transport systems that enable a flexible arrangement of assembly workstations or driving robotic systems that can process and handle tasks at different points in the production.  

In the cooperation between the user company and the consortium partners, challenges such as condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, as well as the IT-secure, interference-proof and wireless transmission of large amounts of data over long distances, can be tackled and innovative solutions developed. Examples include digital services for monitoring the utilisation of edge devices as well as the identification of disturbance variables and the initiation of a reaction as a data security measure.  

Continuous networking for the automatic, location-specific triggering of maintenance and servicing measures is also part of this topic. To this end, the consortium is planning the implementation of a demonstrator using a new type of track surveying machine, which is to be equipped with corresponding edge technology for the monitored, secure exchange of data. The use of 5G technology is envisaged.