EuProGigant is a research project carried out by an Austro-German project consortium which aims to build a multi-location, digitally connected manufacturing ecosystem. 

This ecosystem shows how value for customers and manufacturing firms can be created through the added value based on the practical implementation of smart and sovereign use of data. This empowers European industry and supports its contribution to the sustainable development of Europe. The project “European Production Giganet for calamity-avoiding self-orchestration of value chain and learning ecosystems” (EuProGigant) is the first financially supported industrial project with practical implementation of GAIA-X principles and should illustrate the technological and economical use of the open, European multi-cloud infrastructure GAIA-X. Within the framework of the EuProGigant project will be demonstrated how a highly connected manufacturing set-up can be equipped with self-orchestrating and stabilising characteristics. Thanks to sovereign data and information exchange within a shared data ecosystem, a sustainable and resilient manufacturing is realised.