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Six key facts at a glance

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The EuProGigant project runs from 1 March 2021 until 28 February 2025. 

0 Mio. €

The total project budget amounts to 8,555,000 €, of which 4,978,000 € was granted. 

use cases

The project is demonstrated through seven specific use cases. 

project partners

Amongst the 16 project partners are large enterprises, SMEs and startups from 9 locations in Austria and Germany. 

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project supporting companies

Over 25 companies in the Industrial Committee lend their expertise to allow for industry-related outcomes. 

advisory council members

The project is supported by 11 scientific experts and 24 representatives of different generations. 

EuProGigant stands for European Production Giganet for calamity avoiding self-orchestration of value chain and learning ecosystems“, the binational project for the smart and sovereign data usage in the European industry. The project, carried by an Austrian-German project consortium led by the TU Wien and TU Darmstadt, aims to build a multi-location, digitally networked production ecosystem (data and infrastructure ecosystem). As a Gaia-X lighthouse project for the development of an open, European data infrastructure, EuProGigant promotes a resilient, data-driven and sustainable European industry. EuProGigant is a registered EU-wide trademark of TU Wien and TU Darmstadt. Supported by the Österreich-Fonds, the BMK (AT;
Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology), FFG (AT; Austrian Research Promotion Agency), and BMWI (DE; Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy) for the project duration of 01/03/2021-28/02/2025.


You will find more background information and the most important facts on EuProGigant in the fact sheet. 

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