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20 May 2022

Research project EuProGigant and deltaDAO AG present Gaia-X demonstrator

“Exchange of experience through data exchange”, that’s the motto of EuProGigant at HANNOVER MESSE. It will be the first Gaia-X lighthouse project, which demonstrates the connection to the new European data infrastructure at the trade show. From 30 May to 2 June, visitors can experience how the data of two connected CNC machines at different locations flow together on one platform and are made available securely and decentrally via the Minimal Viable Gaia-X Demonstrator of deltaDAO AG, based on Ocean Protocol.

Condition monitoring of manufacturing processes and how small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can cooperate in creating the necessary database are in focus at the booth of the Austrian-German research project EuProGigant. The data volumes required for condition monitoring present SMEs with numerous challenges – they often do not have the needed number of identical machines to generate sufficient operating data, or the capabilities to analyse existing data.

Cross-company data sharing

The validation platform developed by the project team opens up new cooperation opportunities for SMEs. In doing so, the validation platform relies on the new Gaia-X data infrastructure and ensures secure and sovereign data exchange between production companies.

Trade show visitors can experience the validation platform in action at the EuProGigant booth: using two connected CNC machines at different locations, the project team inserts intact and defective tools to make their states accessible via the platform for process evaluation.

Gaia-X demonstrator for HANNOVER MESSE

In order to be able to demonstrate a technically sovereign and decentralized data exchange to the visitors of HANNOVER MESSE, the project team is collaborating with the experts of deltaDAO AG. Together with the Hamburg-based specialists in distributed ledger technologies (DLT), the validation platform will be expanded to include the Minimal Viable Gaia-X demonstrator (MVG). The MVG uses Ocean Protocol and thus prototypically realized Gaia-X federation services – which stand for secure and sovereign data exchange – and therefore enables insights into digital ecosystems with a decentralized data economy completely in line with the Gaia-X vision.

In five easy steps, trade show visitors can register on-site to use the MVG demonstrator and then find the previously generated data packages of the CNC machines in the public Gaia-X test network.

“With its industry-related use cases, EuProGigant perfectly fits with our ambitions to enable open, transparent, secure and decentralized digital ecosystems”, says Kai Meinke, Co-Founder and Business Lead at deltaDAO AG. “We are looking forward to being part of the first Gaia-X live demonstrator at HANNOVER MESSE and introducing the benefits and features of this new data infrastructure to visitors.”

“The expertise of the deltaDAO team is of high value for us. With their help we can extend our validation platform with Gaia-X Federation Services,” adds Markus Weber, project coordinator Germany and research associate at PTW TU Darmstadt. “The Minimal Viable Gaia-X demonstrator allows us to show booth visitors how data can support the industrial value creation process and, moreover, how new, data-driven business models can emerge.”

Use cases facing industry challenges

The validation platform is one of the four thematic working groups. The project team of EuProGigant explores seven use cases that address important problems of the manufacturing industry:

  • Carbon footprint in product development: provision of CO2-equivalent data in the product design phase to influence the climate footprint in product manufacturing
  • Validation platform: cross-company cooperation to create a database from machines and test rigs for effective condition monitoring with the aim of collaborative use of hardware resources, e.g. in component testing and machine utilization
  • Component matching: optimized, data-based mounting of assembly groups
  • Mobile processing machines: processing and use of large data amounts during the mobile use of machines

EuProGigant primarily addresses SMEs, which receive valuable insights into the independent connection to Gaia-X through these industry-related use cases.

Interested trade show visitors can meet the project team of EuProGigant and deltaDAO AG at the booth of the Austrian Economic Chambers (12A) in hall 4.

Media contact:

E-Mail: media@euprogigant.com
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