Project timeline

Here you will find an overview of the EuProGigant project timeline with key milestones, guidelines and important events. 

The milestones represent important points in time in the project, which serve to review the project results, e.g. in the communication between project funding and management, and to coordinate important points in time in the project. The guidelines, which are being developed within the framework of EuProGigant, summarise key project results and serve as an aid for companiesfor example, as a guide for implementation and a possible starting point for a standardisation process. They are freely available and aim to bring about a broad application of the project results. The most important events including internal events are listed here, a full event listing can be found in the event calendar.

Milestones and guidelines, 2021-2025

After months of preparatory work and thanks to the support of the 16 project partners, EuProGigant, the lighthouse project for Gaia-X, officially started. Over the 4-year project, concrete applications (use cases), a Gaia-X demonstrator in production and data-driven business models will be implemented. 

On 24 June, the official opening event of EuProGigant took place via livestream in Vienna and Berlin. The event successfully introduced the lighthouse project for the open European data infrastructure Gaia-X in the manufacturing environment to a large number of stakeholders. Read more in the news section. 

  • Determination and communication of requirements 
  • Definition of the infrastructure to be connected, determination of customer benefits
  • Selection of use cases for greatest customer added value 
  • Interface selection 
  • Linking to the Gaia-X architecture
  • Checking the business model for explicit value for the partners involved 
  • Business model development in connection with Gaia-X 
  • Transfer of the Gaia-X architecture to the use cases  
  • Implementation of first federated services 
  • Development of universal, flexible service architecture for edge computing in EuProGigant 
  • Start of the test phase 
  • Gaia-X compliant integration of edge devices and embedded systems into the infrastructure ecosystem 
  • Comprehensive and transferable AI models with high customer benefit 
  • Acquisition and processing of sufficient amounts of data from experimental test phase 
  • Development of digital services based on the AI models 
  • Development of a resilience concept for industry with recommendations for action
  • Networking of all machine systems, components, and logistical units for the implementation of the use cases and their business models 
  • Processing of large amounts of data in the data ecosystem 
  • Specification of Gaia-X nodes 
  • Registration of all participants in the Gaia-X ecosystem with their data, processing units and services at the Gaia-X AISBL 
  • Completion of troubleshooting and adjustments to the developments of the industrial research phase 
  • Advance planning of the industrial demonstration phase 
  • Intensification of the evaluation and dissemination of results 
  • Implementation of Gaia-X Federated Services in the industry’s infrastructure and data ecosystem.
  • Successful project completion 
  • Dissemination of results via EIT Manufacturing events and high-profile project presentations at trade fairs and major scientific events
  • Establishment of the business models with the participating companies 
  • Availability of services beyond the project via Gaia-X in the data ecosystem for further commercial use 

In addition, the committee meetings are important project milestones: 

  • The collaborative meetings (project partners) will take place once per quarter, with the first meeting on 26 March 2021 to launch the project and the workshop to kick-off the thematic working groups on 20-21 May 2021. 
  • The first meeting of the Industrial Committee will be held on 10 June 2021 as the first meeting for the first six months of the project, with follow-up meetings every six months. 
  • The Intergenerational Advisory Board will meet once a year, with more frequent meetings arranged depending on the interest of the members. Their next meeting is scheduled for 16 September 2021. 
  • The meetings of the Scientific Advisory Board are expected to take place annually, with the first one on 5 May 2021.