Partners at a glance

EuProGigant is an industry-driven flagship project which aims to demonstrate the smart and sovereign use of data in manufacturing in interplay with GAIA-X, including industry use cases. 

The development, execution and scaling of such a complex project cannot be managed by one company alone. Therefore, 16 project partners are actively involved in EuProGigant. In addition, the project is supported by an Industrial Committee, a Scientific Advisory Board and an Intergenerational Advisory Board. For more information on the interplay between the boards, please visit the Organisation page. 

The project partners are spread over multiple locations in Austria (Linz, Rankweil, Vienna) and Germany (Darmstadt, Isernhagen, Langenfeld, Lossburg, Munich, Nürtingen). 

Projektpartner Karte für Österreich und Deutschland - EuProGigant