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Meet the EuProGigant team at HANNOVER MESSE!

Under the leading theme “Industrial Transformation”, the world’s leading trade fair combines important topics such as Industry 4.0, „carbon neutral production, artificial intelligence, machine learning and much more. From 17 to 21 April, 2023 the EuProGigant project team will be on site with industry-related use cases. Using two demonstrators based on the Gaia-X framework, the project partners will showcase how secure, cross-company data exchange is possible:

Validation platform

Sharing operating data across the entire value network and company boundaries enables more reliable and longer use of production facilities – so-called predictive maintenance. The aggregation and evaluation of this data is often carried out using artificial intelligence methods, such as machine learning algorithms. However, large amounts of data are needed to make valid statements. Small and medium-sized companies often lack the necessary number of identical machines to generate sufficient operating data, or they are unable to evaluate the existing data volumes. With the help of the validation platform demonstrator, solutions have been developed that allow companies to collaborate in creating such a database. By doing so, data is supplemented by standardised measured values from certified test systems.

Ideal component matching

When mounting assembly groups in mechanical engineering, the assembly components have to be manually matched for accuracy of fit due to different manufacturing environments and methods. Manufacturers often compensate for the deviations in focus by using specially manufactured components. This is where the working group comes in: the project team has developed an automated alignment of the individual parts, taking tolerance deviations into account. Information from different data sources is brought together on the developed platform, which enables optimised assembly of the components. This results in added value, which is reflected in the reduction of the time required for manual assembly and in a reduction of rejects.

📌 Booth B44 in Hall 12!

Don’t miss these presentations at HANNOVER MESSE!

18 April – 12:25 P.M.| Conference Stage Tech Transfer (Hall 2 | Booth A60)

We proudly present on stage the European Production Giganet! Under the title “Creating a trusted and decentralised ecosystem”, Viktor Berchtenbreiter (TU Darmstadt) and Thomas Trautner (TU Wien) will introduce the concept behind a multi-location, digitally networked and decentralised production ecosystem.