Use case:

Validation platform

A validation platform will be established over the course of the EuProGigant project.   

Digital services are available on this platform, which on the one hand compare real data with test bench data, and on the other hand compare production data in real time with validated real data of process flows. The advantage is that deviations in production or of the product can be dealt with directly and with a limited amount of data.  


The unique selling point of the validation platform is the resulting added value from sharing data with partners within the value chain. The comparison of the real machine data between the test bench of the real machine at the user’s site and its simulation at the manufacturer’s site takes place virtually via digital twins that can exchange data with each other.  

To achieve this, it is important to make the digital twins accessible to the company partners in the value chain as virtual product images. Secure and sovereign access to the information is provided by means of shared digital twins, which the consortium refers to as Shared Digital Shadow (SDS). The added value arises for example whenever joint test benches are set up through the horizontal networking of companies in a value chain and used for both outgoing and incoming goods inspection. This saves resources, energy and investments and triggers standardisation processes for testing, making the testing process transparent. The consortium is setting up such test benches with digital twins as demonstrators for the exemplary value chain of processing machines.