Use case:

Developing Smart Integrated Devices (SID) to open up new data sources in production

To be able to implement the use cases with users in the form of new, digital business models, new data sources must be tapped and integrated into the overall ecosystem in addition to commonly available data, such as machine data. 


To accomplish this, machine components, such as clamping systems, are being equipped with sensors and artificial intelligence and integrated into the machine tool environment via communication interfaces for two-way communication. 

At first, a requirements analysis is performed for the integration of intelligent small computers in machine environments, taking into account the Gaia-X functionalities. Next, the integration concept will be developed using a selected clamping device for workpiece clamping in a machine tool and implemented by means of selected hardware components. Finally, in test runs in the learning factories of the project partners, data will be obtained in a machining process, shared according to GAIA-X and used to build digital services. 

The emphasis is on services with a strong user benefit. For example, the clamping force is to be monitored, the cleanliness of the clamping interface evaluated, the instability of the technology process analysed and the product quality predicted. Finally, a stress test will be carried out and evaluated in a scientific, industry-oriented environment.