Use case:

Developing industry standards for high-frequency, low-cost data acquisition

Using a low-cost, open-source approach, the project aims to implement vertical data integration so that industrial companies can network machines and plants on their own 


This approach will have interfaces for data exchange with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). The development of a data lake will ensure secure and sovereign long-term data storage as the foundation for new business models and application fields for artificial intelligence.   

Following the definition of requirements for data collection, the data connectors that are used between edge devices, on-premise and cloud platforms and the data lake will be developed. The emphasis here is on secure and certified standards. 

At a later stage, the open source solution for data storage, processing and visualisation will be implemented. In the future, this can be installed free of charge on edge devices, on company platforms and in the cloud using so-called containers. To ensure data security, trusted cloud environments will be created together with the partners. 

Machine learning algorithms are used to integrate the Gaia-X functionalities as well as those for implementing the resilience concept, such as automations to forward secure data to new target systems in case of system failures.