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Collaboration and inspiration

EITM Summit 2023

The annual EIT Manufacturing Summit highlights important topics in manufacturing. This year, connected with the European Year of Skills, it focused on “Sustainable manufacturing innovation in Europe: the role of skills to move the needle”. EIT Manufacturing Central and EIT Manufacturing East as well as some members of the EIT Manufacturing community are active in a project ecosystem made of the projects AMIDS, DIONE-X, ESCOM, EuProGigant and Flex4Res. They were part of the exhibition space for two days.

The projects are highly relevant as they tackle the need for data sharing and common data usage in manufacturing to raise competitiveness of the European manufacturing industry. The topic of the summit touches a prerequisite of a successful translation of the project into reality: the need for skilled people when rolling out data-driven technologies.

“The project ecosystem around EuProGigant perfectly fits into this environment as it creates the basis for all the data-driven technologies and applications,” says Christian Bölling, Director of EIT Manufacturing Central. Initiatives such as the EIT Deep Tech Talent initiative, which will train one million people in deep tech by 2025 pays into data space projects.

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EIT Manufacturing Summit 2023