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Meet the EuProGigant team at HANNOVER MESSE! 

We are happy to announce that we will proudly represent EuProGigant for the 3rd time at the Hannover Messe 2024! This year the theme of the fair will be on “Sustainability” and topics such as Industry 4.0, carbon neutral production, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and much more will be tackled. Additionally, our five research projects will be represented by using stunning demonstrators to showcase specific examples of platforms and cloud services which enable companies to work together successfully. 

CO2 footprint in production engineering and manufacturing 

The collaboration enabled by using the Gaia-X de-facto standard could enhance the overall plastics processing industry. Specifically, an European knowledge database should be set-up which not only offers characteristics values, but it also offers the possibility to acquire useful data from physics-related diagrams such as statecharts. The positive consequences will be improved process-parameter-settings which will help in choosing the right material when using injection molding machines. Furthermore, the product development of such will be eased. Ensuring the usage of the right materials will have a significantly positive influence on the environmental footprint, in particular in terms of CO2 emissions.   

This knowledge database is also planned to be used as a demonstrator (example) for new business models in connection with Gaia-X. This aims to further incentivize test labs as well as material manufacturers to share their material-parameters to expand the database. 

Project ecosystem EuProGigant 

The EuProGigant ecosystem with focus on smart and sovereign data usage in the European manufacturing industry, has evolved into a pioneering project ecosystem consisting of five innovative research projects. Namely, these are AMIDS (Austrian Manufacturing Innovation Data Space), DIONE-X, ESCOM, EuProGigant and Flex4Res. Collectively, these projects are aimed at enhancing and maintaining Europe´s competitiveness in the manufacturing industry by leveraging data to improve the industrial value creation process. 

Don’t miss these presentations at HANNOVER MESSE! 

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